Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Colbert Website!

A new Colbert website, ColbertForSouthCarolina. com, has started a calling campaign.

We need you to help us get Stephen on the ballot in South Carolina. Yesterday the democratic party rejected his application, but we think, if they hear from the public, they might change their minds. Will you help us reach our goal of 10,000 calls in 10 days? We know that kind of response will have an impact. Sources tell us even a 1000 calls is considered a successful calling campaign, so imagine the response to 10,000 calls! Stand up for truthiness and justice for all and pick up the phone today!

South Carolina Democratic Party
Office: 803-799-7798
Toll-Free: 800-841-1817

I've already e-mailed, and I called them yesterday. Will you take action?

You like the cheesy graphics I keep putting up?

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