Saturday, November 3, 2007

Colbert Misses New Hampshire Primary Deadline :( - Meanwhile, Other Candidates Run

Stephen Colbert missed the deadline yesterday for filing for the New Hampshire primary, despite speculation.

Meanwhile, other candidates signed up.

One contender, Vermin Love Supreme, paid in 10 $100-bills and sloganed "Vote for Vermin Supreme, or else terrible things will happen to your family while you sleep".

Other contenders included a Pittsburgh area hamburger stand owner who paid in $2-bills.

In total, 44 candidates will be on the ballot, pending the legality of one candidate born in Egypt.

New Hampshire, unlike the @$$ holes in South Carolina, has no requirement for supposed 'seriousness'.

State Secretary of State Bill Gardner said he doesn't see the many fringe candidates as mocking the process. "For me, it's like the principle of sometimes you let a guilty person go free because you want to protect the rights of the innocent," Gardner said.

At stake is the notion that anyone can grow up to be president, Gardner said.

"I like the feeling of regular people saying that this is their chance and they want to try," he said.

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